BANDAI Master grade Char’s GELGOOG Ver.2.0 Build



It is an aircraft that exceeded the performance of Gundam with the MS that appeared at the end of the One Year War. In the play, many mass-produced models appeared in A Bao A Qu. Ace pilot Char also appeared in the Texas colony and was fighting with Gundam in outer space. I would like to create such Gelgoog.

Immediately after I started making Gelgoog Ver.1.0 at the time of release, I made it this time including revenge with a kit with bitter memories that I gave up because I lost or damaged parts. I like mass-produced machines, but this time I’ll try painting with Char’s color according to the package.



Assembling does not require any modification or post-saddle processing. It is assembled according to the instructions. When assembled, it is quite large and has a large volume.


The inner frame is based on the Gundam color MS Zeon Gray and is partially painted in several types of silver. It will be quite nice if you do only the parts that are easy to paint.
The surface of the limbs is a red surfacer with a gradation of Gundam color Char Pink. The fuselage is set up on a black surfacer with Gundam-colored azuki beans.
Since the master grade can be painted relatively separately, masking is not used.
Although it is weathering, the gray of the enamel paint is lightly applied to the protruding part that is likely to be scratched at the corner of the melamine sponge, and it is stained with the weathering master B set soot.
I put a decal on it and scratched it a little to partially peel it off. Finally, spray a matte top coat to complete.


The main body is completed. I used the azuki-colored black start-up near the chest, but it became darker than ideal, but I think that the feeling of use has improved considerably.

Completed (with foundation)

Completed by making a display stand with the image of Texas with an acrylic board and bark. How to make a display stand is coming again 
This time it was Char’s Gelgoog’s revenge, but it was surprisingly easy because there are no gimmicks such as deformation mechanism and coalescence. The volume when completed is also quite good. The weak point is the narrow range of movement. It’s a pity that I can’t take a good pose.