I want to make Gunpla parts with a 3D printer!


I wanted to make weapons for mobile suits and bought it without knowing anything. Little by little, I’m getting used to how to use it.
This time, I would like to briefly introduce the flow up to the creation of a 3D printer.

3D printer

A 3D printer I bought at amazon. At the time of purchase, it was a stereolithography machine that could be purchased for less than 30,000 yen. Currently, new models are also available. I bought the Fused Deposition Modeling ALUNAR “Ender-3 Pro” before, but I replaced it with the stereolithography ELEGOO Mars because the surface treatment was difficult and I didn’t use it much. It takes a long time to work, but the accuracy is high and I like it very much.

Modeling software & slicer

Shade3D ver.16
When I bought a 3D printer, I didn’t know what modeling software to use, and I could print it as an STL file, so I chose Shade 3D ver.16, which I could buy for less than 10,000 yen.

Recently, it seems that it is sold by subscription.

ChiTuBox (スライサーソフト)
Slicer software that comes with ELEGOO Mars. It is necessary to set the support material and convert it to a file for output.

UV resin liquid

I tried using a water-washing UV resin like “It’s okay to wash it with water when it’s done”, but it seems that advanced people don’t use it so much, so I tried to use a type that is not water-washing.

Washing soap

It’s like alcohol …
It smells pretty. Ventilation is essential.
Clean the product after printing.

Washing machine

It is used by putting the ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning liquid that are placed in eyeglass shops.
I bought it because it is used by advanced people. I feel like I can wash it well.

UV light

It is used for secondary curing after printing is completed. There are some full-scale ones, but the ones made with plastic models are small, so I use the ones for nails.


I made a weapon for MG Tallgeese.

Try to make a Monster Hunter gunlance-style weapon
For the time being, it looks like that.

This time, I’m cheating by improving the details a little, but in the future I would like to output the details as well.

I bought it at amazon without any knowledge of modeling software or 3D printers. It was a great deal, so I would like to study until I can make what I want to make.

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