BANDAI MG Gundam RX-78GP01 Build #3 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

I’m going to do basic painting.
Since the story of GP-01 starts from Torrington base in Australia in the animation, I will paint it so that it feels like a desert.


Gradation painting

Surfacer 1200 Gray → Light brown → Character fresh


Yellow paint with can spray instead of masking the color sticker
(I’m sorry that the photo is out of focus …)

Brush painting

Clear parts are used for a part of the backpack. Masking is also difficult, so use a brush to wipe off the protruding parts from the back of the parts and paint from above with black. Seen from the table, it looks shiny and gives a good finish. The main camera is also painted black first and then green.

Paint used

I wanted to create a desert-like and ground-like atmosphere, so I chose the paint with a slight yellowing in mind.

White (main exterior)
Surfacer # 1200 Gray → Sale Color → Character Fresh

Blue (chest / shield)
Surfacer # 1500 Black → Blue → Mr. Color Airplane model color Intermediate blue FS35164

Red (abdomen / legs)
Surfacer Red → Gundam Color Shear Pink

Gray (backpack, etc.)
Surfacer # 1500 Black → Mr. Color C37 RLM75 Gray Violet

Inner frame
Paint the burnt iron color with a can spray


The red part of the knee is finished with the attached sticker. It seems difficult to apply, so it’s easy

Sumi put

Saddle processing

I did some squirrel processing on my face and ankle armor, but I forgot to take a picture. I will not forget to take it next time …


Basic painting is complete.
This time I tried to paint the white part in two colors, but when I finished painting, I think that I should have painted only the yellowish color using character fresh.

Basically, the number of parts was appropriate and it didn’t take much time. I painted the inner frame a little, but I couldn’t put it on the photo because I couldn’t distinguish it from the photo because I used similar colors.
It was a pity that the joint eraser on the calf part broke a little during assembly.

Overall, it was a satisfying painting.
Next, I would like to do weathering. I’m going to make a stain that matches the theme of the desert and the earth’s sphere this time.

Thank you for watching until the end.