BANDAI MG Dwadge Build #1 Temporary assembly / painting preparation


Hello, I’m the caretaker. This time is the creation of dwadge.
It is a kit that I bought at Premium Bandai in 2021 and waited in the closet for a while. Recently, Dom and Rick Dom were released, but it is a kit that was released more than half a year before that. I’m looking forward to it because the joints are new.


It is assembled while checking the gate processing and sink marks. The surface of the parts is lightly filed. The outer is conspicuous, so do it carefully.


Since there is a seam on the flank, I thought about painting it separately from the inner, so I made a streak.


There will be a seam on the shoulder. Since this part is painted in a single color, the joints are erased using adhesive or putty.


Assembly is complete.

Compare with old Dom

There are differences in equipment such as the back and propellant tank because it is a dwadge and a dom, but the overall silhouette has not changed.
I knew that the joints of the hips and the bases of the arms were new, but the parts of the hands are integrally molded and become smaller.


Comes with 3 Giant Buzz, Heat Tomahawk, and Heat Saber.

A heat saber holder is attached to the right side of the backpack. It hits when you have a giant buzz.

Painting plan

I’m going to use a standard color this time, but I found camouflage masking on amazon, so I’ll practice it with a plastic spoon before painting.

The method of painting is solid and the image of desert camouflage. I’m looking forward to what kind of finish it will be.
Next is weapon painting.

Thank you for watching until the end.