MG Gundam MKII Build. Additional parts Original MKII is Build.


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time I will make MG Gundam MKII Ver.2.0.

When Z Gundam was broadcast in animation, I remember feeling a new coolness in the MkII, which had a rugged atmosphere on the RX78 on the aircraft that Camille boarded at the beginning of the series. It is still my favorite MS in Gundam, along with the F91 I made at the end of last year.
I also bought the old MG released in 1998, but I remember giving up on the way because I didn’t like making faces. This time I would like to complete it properly because it is a revenge.

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1 Temporary assembly / painting preparation

Temporary assembly work
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2 Weapon creation ①

Introducing paint / paint for standard weapons
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3 Weapon creation ②

Paint the added Hazel shield
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4 Basic painting

Introduction of painting and paint of the main body
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5 Weathering

Chipping shadow blowing
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MG Gundam MkⅡ Ver.2.0 has been completed.
I thought it would be easy to complete because there was no deformation or coalescence, but it was a kit that took more time than it looked. The parts division is also quite fine, so it feels like it took a lot of gate processing.

On the painted side, it looks as I expected, but I think I could have added a little more blue to make it more original.
I didn’t have the courage …

I used light gray for the main white for painting, but I’m glad that it was organized in a natural way. Weathering is where I’m worried about the part that has become stronger locally.

These are the recently made RX78-02 and Z Gundam. Is it just in the middle in terms of size?

The state of the shield equipment of the haze. The parts made with the 3D printer raise it by about 20 mm, so I feel that the presence has increased because there is a shield on the head.

It can be attached to the side by replacement, so you can choose the one you like. However, when it is completed, I hardly touch it.

MkⅡ I feel like it’s finally completed. It took about 26 days for the work period.
Compared to RX78, it has a thick and solid impression and is cool. The range of movement is large and the degree of freedom in posing is high, so you can take your favorite poses without difficulty. As expected, it is Ver.2.0.

The shield of the haze miraculously used the same parts as the MkII, so it was a nice miscalculation that it was installed without processing. I feel that it was a good custom to improve the power.

It was planned to be completed in about two weeks, but it was a kit that took a lot of time. It took me a while to be convinced that there were some parts that I couldn’t give up. I think it was a kit that would make you crazy if you turn it over. I would like to make Titans colors and arrange them one day.

Thank you for watching until the end.

The next thing to make is ν Gundam Ver.ka.