BANDAI MG AILE STRIKE Ver.RM Build #1 Temporary assembly


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
From this time, I will start making ale strikes. The SEED series has been created since the Strike Freedom that was created in the summer of 2,021. I’m looking forward to what kind of kit it is.



Three types of decals are included. I will not use them this time.
Recently, I make a kit with a display with a good probability, but if I make it every time, the storage space will be exhausted, so I often leave it as it is. If I have time, I’ll try painting.


Recently, at the time of temporary assembly, I attached an alphabet tag to the runner with masking tape. This makes the work much easier. I recommend it.

If you cut the snap-fit tab diagonally for disassembly after temporary assembly, it will come off easily and will be easier to disassemble. For thick snap-fits of 3 mm and 4 mm, it is not a bad idea to lightly dry them with a drill of the same diameter. If you overdo it, you will get sick and you will not be able to temporarily assemble, so be careful.
The assembly of the main body itself is not unusual and can be assembled smoothly.


Temporary assembly is completed in about 3 days.
The details are finer than I expected and it’s pretty cool.


AILE STRIKER is quite voluminous. It’s powerful and cool.

If you equip it, your back will be heavy, so you will lean forward a little.


There are four types of accessories such as weapons.

Painting plan

Since this is my first AILE STRIKE, I will basically use a color that is close to the set color. The painting method should be a gradation and a slightly darker shade.
First of all, I will decide the condition of the main body while watching the situation with the color of the shield by painting the weapon.
Next time is the creation of weapons. I will also do an AILE STRIKER at the same time.