BANDAI MG KÄMPFER Build #2 Detail up


Hello, I’m MG KÄMPFER, who has completed the temporary assembly, but this time I would like to improve the details.

Head / Torso

I put a 1mm square plastic rod wherever I like. This time, I put it on several places such as the chest and the cockpit area.
The power pipe in the abdomen is cool so I left it as it is.
The pipe made of detail under the neck uses a mesh pipe of metal detail up parts and a metal pipe 4 mm.
The metal parts are not painted, so make sure they can be removed.


The legs are detailed with plastic sticks. I put plastic sticks on my thighs and knees, and on my legs and heels. This time, I’ll finish it like this.

Plastic board

I was taught a good tool for plastic van cut, so I tried using it.
This tool can be purchased at Daiso for 300 yen. If you can set it correctly, you can cut it straight, which is quite excellent. I put it on the side of my foot with adhesive. The cut part needs to be filed a little.
I am using 0.2mm which seems to be easy to cut this time.
I put it on the side of my foot with adhesive. The cut part needs to be filed a little.
The pasted plastic van is affected by the adhesive and looks like a sink mark, so you need to file it later. If possible, a slightly thicker plastic van might have been better.
If used well, work efficiency will increase. I want to continue to use it positively in the future.

Reference page”Gunpura kisidan no Blog” Japanese page



If you make a hole of the same size, it will fit just right, so it’s easy to improve the details.

I made a hole with an electric drill this time, but it cracked due to a little too much force. If it is a pin vise, it is easy to control the speed, so I think it is hard to break.

This time the adhesive worked well, but be careful when drilling.


This is the end of the detail improvement of the main body.
I used metal parts, plastic rods, and plastic plates. I think I was able to improve the details quite easily.
The plastic stick alone will make you look pretty cool, so please give it a try.
Next, I would like to create weapons.