BANDAI MG Gundam RX-78GP01 Build #2 Weapon Build


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time we will create weapons and equipment. Three types of beam rifle, beam saber, and shield
In the animation, the story unfolds from the place where the base of the federal army is brought to the Torrington base in Australia and robbed, so it will be a battle, so I will paint it with a muddy smell.

First of all, I will create the atmosphere of the whole painting with the shield part.


Beam rifle

The beam rifle consists of the tip, Maekawa’s grip, scope + lens, and magazine, which are divided into two main parts.
It is necessary to do the work of erasing the joint on the main part. The rest can be partially disassembled and painted.

Paint used
Main part
Surfacer 1500 Black → Mr. Color C37 RLM75 Gray Violet (Gradation painting)

Scope Magazine
Surfacer 1500 Black → Burnt iron color
Clear parts are painted green from the back

I use gray enamel paint for the stain.


The shield is divided into upper and lower parts, and the length expands and contracts by about 1 cm. I feel that there was a time when it was shortened even in the play.
I will paint the main body with the painting image of this shield.

Paint used
Surfacer 1200 Gray → Sale color → Character fresh (gradation painting)

Surfacer 1500 Black → Blue → Azer Blue (gradation painting)

The mold painting uses dark brown, which is Tamiya’s smearing paint.

Chipping Enamel gray is pressed in places with a melamine sponge to express damage.
Shadow blowing enamel flat black is diluted thinly and sprayed.

Beam saber

The beam saber was painted with gradation while leaving the mold part. The grip tip is soiled with a shadow blow.

Paint used
Surfacer 1200 Gray → Sale color → Character fresh (gradation painting)

Weapon creation is over. I will paint the main body based on this.
Next is the painting of the main body. I think that the basic white is a character fresh and can express a nice degree of dirt.

Thank you for watching until the end.