" /> BANDAI MG Gundam Storm Bringer F.A. Build #4 Weapon Build - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

BANDAI MG Gundam Storm Bringer F.A. Build #4 Weapon Build


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
This time is the weapon creation edition. However, this Stormbringer has few weapons. I wanted to put the creation process together with the main body. Since the kit is based on Jim Sniper II, the range of movement is quite wide, so I decided to make a weapon to use in one knee pose, so I made it with a 3D printer.


Double beam cannon

Green is Mr. color AFV / tank model special feature Russian green and grip part is Mr. color spray S35 light gray white (Mitsubishi series) and Mr. color spray S115 RLM65 light blue

360mm rocket gun

The color of the entire backpack is painted with Mr. Color Spray S14 Navy Blue (semi-glossy). This time it was a fairly pale paint.
The propeller tank is created with a 3D printer and painted in Russian green, which is the same as the main body color.

Bazooka (large cylinder)

I wanted a weapon that would look good on one knee pose, so I created it with a 3D printer.
The painting matched the color of the main body.
It took me a long time to make this weapon.

The weapon is complete. There were few genuine parts, but it took a long time with a weapon that seems to be a bazooka. I am satisfied for the time being. I will continue to do such simple modeling.
Next time is weathering.
Thank you for watching until the end.